Student Agenda

 DCDSB Mission Statement
We are called to celebrate and nurture the God-given talents of each student as we serve with excellence in the light of Christ.
 Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School Mission Statement
At Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School, we join together living our Catholic faith to create a safe and supportive learning environment.

Effective instruction is practiced to ensure all student needs are met in order for them to learn to the best of their true abilities to reach their optimum potential.

We are a community of faith, love, learning and respect for one another.

 Prayer to St. Philip

O Glorious Saint Philip, at the Last Supper you said to Jesus, “Lord, show us the Father and it will be enough for us.” Help us to make this our prayer also and to seek God in all things. 

Obtain for us the grace to know the Father and Jesus Christ whom he has sent – for in this does eternal life consist. Amen

 Faith Formation

Faith formation is an integral part of school life at Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School. To reinforce the partnership between home, school and the parish, students will attend school Masses; participate in daily Religious Education and Family Life programs; Liturgical celebrations, Social Justice initiatives; Food Drives and various other initiatives and opportunities to put our faith into action. 

Students in Grade 2 will be involved in Sacramental preparation (Reconciliation and Holy Communion).

 Parish Information

Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School’s home parish is St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church. At St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church we believe that a well-balanced parish is comprised of both the sacred and social. Father Keith would like you to come celebrate the sacred Liturgy each weekend and to take part in all that the church offers (social events etc.). In this way, we can build a truly caring community together.

Pastor:  Rev. Keith Callaghan

Phone:  905-725-3275

Church Website:

 School History
Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School began as an 8-classroom school in September 1959 in response to the south end’s growing population. The school was first named St. Philip Catholic School and was later renamed in 1977 by the board of Trustees in grateful appreciation to Monsignor Philip Coffey.

Monsignor Philip Coffey (1898-1963) resided in Oshawa for more than 24 years. For 20 of those years, he was the Separate School Representative on the Board of Education of Oshawa. He helped organize fundraising activities for the expansion of churches and schools.

 Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations
A graduate is expected to be:
  1. A discerning believer
  2. An effective communicator
  3. A reflective, creative and holistic thinker
  4. A self-directed, responsible, life-long learner
  5. A collaborative contributor
  6. A caring family member
  7. A responsible citizen
 School Hours

Supervision Begins - 8:40 a.m.

School Begins - 8:55 a.m.

Recess - 10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Lunch - 11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.

Recess - 2:05 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.

Dismissal - 3:25 p.m.

 2021/2022 School Year Calendar/Important Dates

Sept. 7 - School Begins

Oct. 8 - P.A. Day

Oct. 11 - Thanksgiving Day

Nov. 8 - Progress Reports Home

Nov. 12 - P.A. Day

Dec. 17 - Christmas Holidays

Jan. 3 - Classes Resume

Jan. 21 - P.A. Day

Feb. 7 - Report Cards Home

Feb. 21 - Family Day

Mar. 11 – Mar. 20 - March Break

Apr. 15 - Good Friday

Apr. 18 - Easter Monday

May 1 – May 6 - Catholic Education Week

May 23 - Victoria Day

June 3 - P.A. Day

June 27 - Report Cards Home

June 29 - Last Day for Students

Catholic Education Week (May 1 – May 6)

Monday's Sub-theme: Rediscover

Tuesday's Sub-theme: Rebuild

Wednesday's Sub-theme: Restore

Thursday's Sub-theme: Renew

Friday's Sub-theme: Rejoice

Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School Council

The role of the Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School Council is to advise the Principal on matters set out by the Ministry of Education and the Durham Catholic District School Board. The Council is composed of elected parent/guardian representatives (i.e. Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Parish Representative, Community Representative, Parent Representatives), Principal, Teaching and Non-Teaching representatives.  Please consider participating in the Council, as many voices make us a stronger Catholic community.

Elections for parent representatives are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30 p.m. Meetings will be held throughout the year and the dates for the 2020~21 school year will be decided during the first meeting in September. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend any Catholic Parent Council meeting held throughout the school year. I look forward to working together for the betterment of every student in our Catholic community.

Lunch Time
Children eat their lunch in designated classrooms for the last 20 minutes of the lunch break (12:20 to 12:40). NO CHILD staying for lunch is allowed to leave the school yard without written permission from a parent or guardian and notification must be provided to the school in a note with the date
Nut Aware Allergy Policy 

Anaphylaxis refers to a life-threatening allergic reaction. Some of the potential causes of anaphylaxis are common foods such as: peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs and milk, as well as medications and insect stings. Anaphylaxis can occur quickly and has a variety of symptoms, including hives, swelling and difficulty breathing, which makes it a potentially life-threatening condition.

In order to help protect our students at risk for anaphylaxis, Monsignor Philip Coffey Catholic School has implemented a “Nut Aware” policy, which states that no peanuts or nuts are permitted into the school.  This applies to snacks, lunches and any food items brought in for school events (e.g. birthdays and special celebrations).  Students are asked to refrain from bringing products to school which states on the packaging: “may contain peanuts/nuts”. Please consider purchasing non-food items if you want to share a special treat with your child’s classmates; (e.g. pencil, stickers, etc.). There are other students at risk for anaphylaxis in our classrooms who are allergic to other food items or allergens. Please review and comply with the classroom information that will be sent home during the first week of school. We strive to help minimize the risk for all children in our school. 

As per DCDSB policy, all anaphylactic students MUST have an Individual Student Plan which is to be completed by parents or guardians and returned to school by the end of the first week of classes.

Medical Considerations/Plan of Care

If your child has a medical condition that we need to know about, please contact the school to receive a Plan of Care form. If your child requires medication at school, medical information forms, including the Administration of Oral Medication Form, must be completed and submitted to the office.  

These forms are available in the office and must be signed by a parent or guardian.  All medications will be stored at the office. 

Please inform your child’s teacher of any medical conditions or concerns that may arise during the school year.

Eco Schools Initiative

The staff and students of Monsignor Philip Catholic School are excellent stewards of God’s creation. Once again, we have been accredited as a GOLD status Eco School for 2021! We follow environmentally friendly practices at school such as: reducing our waste (e.g., boomerang lunches and using reusable containers for snacks and lunches), recycling (e.g., using the blue bins to recycle paper and cardboard), and reducing our electrical usage (e.g., turning off lights and computers when not in the classrooms). We BOOMERANG every school day! This means that students and staff must take home all packaging and food which is not eaten.  Not only does this reduce waste but it will assist parents in monitoring what the students are eating. 

Dress Code

Students are required to dress modestly and appropriately for a Catholic School. All clothing must be reflective of our Catholic School environment and must not display any inappropriate logos or messages. 

Do not wear: low cut tops, strapless tops, basketball tank tops, low riding pants, narrowly strapped tank tops, jean cut-off shorts, short skirts or short shorts. All shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length (i.e. at an arm’s length). All undergarments must be covered.

All dress code infractions will be addressed with discretion and respect.

 Spirit Wear
School spirit wear can be purchased from our on-line school store.

Bus Transportation

Students who live within the Bus Transporting Zone will have bus transportation provided. It is important that your child arrives at the pick-up point at the designated time and disembarks at their designated stop. 

Students must be made aware that riding a school bus is a privilege. The students must exhibit proper and safe behaviors while riding the bus. If an infraction occurs, a warning letter will be sent home. For repeated infractions, your child may be suspended from riding the bus for a designated period of time. In such cases, parents must then make alternate arrangements until the child is permitted back on the bus. 

Students who walk to and from school are not permitted to ride the bus under any circumstance. Bus students are only permitted to ride their designated bus to and from school. Students are assigned a “bus stop” and are not permitted to get on or off the bus at a different stop. Students who ride the bus are expected to travel both ways on the bus and are not allowed to walk home unless they have prior written permission from a parent. Students are expected to sit quietly on the bus while being transported to and from school. Students must also obey the bus driver at all times.

Contact Information for Durham Student Transportation Services (DSTS):

Phone: 1-866-908-6578 or 905-666-6979                

Twitter: @DurhamSTS

Kiss and Ride

Students may be picked up by a parent or guardian in our Kiss and Ride which is located in the front of the school. Students will arrive at the front of the school in the morning and after school they are to wait outdoors until their “ride” arrives. We ask all drivers to respect the signage and painted lines. During Kiss and Ride, only right turns are permitted out of the driveway to lessen the traffic on Oxford St.   

We encourage ALL students to WALK to school. This will alleviate the volume of traffic around the school during arrival and dismissal times. Parents wishing to park must park on the road or at the park directly across from the school. Our school does not have enough parking spots for parents to use. Parents and guardians are asked to OBEY road signs at all times. We thank you for your assistance in this important safety matter.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, and Roller Blades

Bicycle racks are provided in the front of the school for those who wish to ride their bikes. Please remind your child(ren) to walk their bike when on the school property and to bring their bike to the rack and lock it up immediately. Tampering with or damaging other students’ bicycles is prohibited. Skateboards, scooters and roller blades are not allowed to be ridden on school property. Students should be reminded that helmets are mandatory for their safety.

Dogs on School Property

We ask that dogs be kept off school property. While dogs enhance our lives, it is inappropriate to have dogs on the school boundaries as some students, staff and other family members may have allergies or anxieties. If you walk your child to school with a pet, please remain on the sidewalk.

Health and Safety

Please note the Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines below for this year:


All staff, students and visitors entering our school will be required to self-screen before entering the building. If anyone is experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 (listed below), they must stay home and should seek testing and medical attention.
 Symptoms List
  • Fever – 37.8 degrees C or higher
  • New or worsening cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Changes to sense of taste or smell
  • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain
  • Runny nose or nasal congestion (not caused by seasonal allergies)
 Limited Access to Schools
The Ministry of Education has indicated that upon school re-opening, there will be a significant limit to visitors in the school. Parents are asked to call the school to make a phone appointment with any school staff, including office staff.
Masks and Other Personal Protective Equipment
All adults entering the building are required to wear a medical mask while on school premises. Following the protocols outlined by the Ministry of Education, students in Grades 1-6 must wear a non-medical or cloth mask inside the school. Students in Kindergarten are not required to wear masks inside the school, but are encouraged to do so. All staff will be required to wear Level 1 surgical masks.
Hand Hygiene
Hand Sanitizer will be located at the entrance of the school. All classrooms will be equipped with either a hand-washing station and/or hand sanitizer. Classrooms will have a schedule that will be incorporated into daily routines to regularly clean hands. Students will be taught proper cough and sneeze etiquette as well as proper hand hygiene practices.
Water Fountains and Washrooms
Water fountains will be closed. Our water bottle filling stations will be open. Students are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school. Signage will indicate a limited number of students permitted in the washroom at one time (no more than 2). Washrooms will have signs indicating where students can line up while they wait to enter (no more than 2 in the line).
Breakfast Club
Breakfast club foods will be limited to pre-packaged foods (cereal bars, cheese strings, apple sauce, fruit cups). We will include fresh fruit this year.
Hot Lunch

We will have hot pizza slices available this year. They will begin in October.

Volunteers and Field Trips

Volunteers and field trips will be permitted this year.

Our hour-long lunch (11:40 TO 12:40 PM) has been divided into a 40-minute period and a 20-minute period. Students will be outside for the first 40 minutes and will be then entering the building to eat their lunch in their classroom for the last 20 minutes of the lunch hour. We continue to ask parents to send their children to school with a lunch and to limit daily lunch drop-offs.
Students are permitted to have a snack for both the morning and afternoon. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to share their snack with other students.
Outside Play
Students will not be required to wear their masks outside…but will be encouraged to stay physically distanced from other students. Our outside will be divided into a primary area and a junior area.
Morning Entry
Students will be entering the school upon arrival every morning and proceeding directly to their classrooms. Morning supervision begins at 8:40 am.
 Code of Conduct
 Please click here to read the Code of Conduct